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169Reluctantly the Redwall contingent complied. They turned. All eyes were on the door of Great Hall."Cluny, I'm hurt, help me," he gasped.In the silence that followed, the Abbot rose and confronted Matthias. Stooping slightly, he stared into the young mouse's bright eyes. "Think carefully, my son. Was there anything special you noticed about this rat?"Cluny had secretly questioned Fangbum about the conversation that had gone on between Sela and her son. There was no doubt about it, the foxes were trying to dupe the Warlord.Brothers Rufus and George had an incident to report. A large evil-looking rat, covered in tattoos and carrying a rusty

"Grab that big skinny rabbit, lads."With a total lack of sorrow for his deceased parent, Chickenhound began figuring out his next move. He would have to He low in this stinking ditch until darkness fell. Even though he was severely hurt, the irony of the situation caused the young fox a silent snigger. It was he, not his mother, who had outwitted Cluny. Now he would soon be free with die revised plans of the attack upon Redwall Abbey. Surely that would be worth something?"Your Abbot was supposed to meet me with a reward," Sela whispered.'f Cornflower voiced the question that was on the mind of

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"Then something seemed to come over him. He was transformed by what could only be called a mouse miracle. Martin forsook the way of the warrior and hung up his sword.gory detail. They knew that the strutting rat in armor was not Cluny the Scourge.

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The Abbot slapped a paw down on the plans. "It is all here, but as I have said before, I will not concern myself with the fighting of a war. It is my task to heal the injured and give sustenance to the defenders. It is the duty of you, my generals, to plan the repulse of this invasion."Dunwing joined him. They both lay completely exhausted as the wind howled around them, stunned by the danger they had come through.

Cluny laughed mirthlessly. He squinted at Matthias and cracked his tail dramatically.

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"Er, sorry, Father Abbot. I tripped, y'see. Trod on my Abbot, Father Habit. Oh dear, I mean. ..."Dunwing looked doubtful. "What for mouse wanta give nuts to King?""Not the sort of thing one expects from a horde commander, what! Personally I'd have you blackballed from the church premises."Killconey pointed a shaky claw. "Over that way, yer honor, and didn't we find a great strappin' oak?""There, that should do it. Now hurry along, my son. Don't stop for anything on the way. Isn't that right. Captain?"

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"Skin him alive."

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"Darkclaw's right," agreed Fangburn. "The three of us will take charge of the whole business."Tense moments ticked by. A crowd of creatures lined theThen suddenly the little fellow pointed to the east with his paw. In the distance Matthias could make out the shape of the Abbey.

Separated from Cluny, he could not think for himself. Scuttling off down the road in the wrong direction, he had kept on going in a state of funk. Frightened by the sound of a bird chirping suddenly, he rushed blindly into Mossflower Wood, and pressed on, deeper and deeper into this strange new territory. It was only with the arrival of pale dawn that he stopped, slumping down under some bushes. Exhausted, soaking wet and dispirited, he curled up into a wretched damp ball and slept.

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