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Matthias forgot his lunch. He listened attentively.Chickenhound fainted clean away."You, Abbot Mouse, come here!"A mass cheer went up. The squirrel was on the last lap. Now she would have to call into play all of her climbing ability to keep going up the treacherously steep smooth slates."Hard to tell in this light," replied Winifred. "But I'd swear that was Cluny Constance tipped off the plank."Matthias hurried to follow, keeping in mind Basil's instructions. Surprisingly, they seemed to work perfectly and before long the two friends had covered nearly three-quarters of the common land. Matthias could even count the whiskers on some of the rats. He covered his mouth with a paw to stifle a giggle.

The lower wall with its arched sandstone window frames held no difficulties for the tough squirrel. She climbed with speed and alacrity. Lifting herself over the gutter with a neat flick of her bushy tail, Jess clattered across to a small slate side roof. She was temporarily lost to view at the start of the second stage. As she came into sight again, the watchers below could not help but notice that the climb was more difficult, progress was slower.Jess Squirrel, aided by Silent Sam, maneuverd the barrel up on to the ramparts. She patted it. "Something simple -29Fangburn sat up. He winced through discolored eyes. "/ let the fox escape? Me? Oh no. You're the one in charge! You let her get away, not me. Wait'11 I report this to Cluny. I'll tell him that you?In his frustration Matthias swung the spike at the lock. It bounced off, lodging deep between the hasp and the woodwork. He grunted in exasperation, pulling it savagely towards himself to loosen it. Taken off balance, he went head over tail. The hasp had broken; it came away bringing with it some twisted rusty screws. The door swung open.

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This time Matthias understood. "Yes please, Mr. Fore-mole. Do you think that you and your team could possibly move this pile of rock and rubble? There's something we need to get at underneath it all.""Yes, and so would Sam if he weren't fast asleep in bed," Cornflower replied. "Look, you and Mrs. Vole start serving along by the gatehouse. Keep your heads low and be careful. I'll start up here at the corner and see you back at the kitchen later."264

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128"Oh quite. Can't have you getting in trouble, can we?" said Sela in her most flattering tone.

"Dead!" Matthias replied. "Were all the horde slain? Did we take no prisoners at all?"

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The shield was a plain round steel thing of the type carried by the warriors of old. The years had not dulled its highly-burnished front. At its center was a letter M."Pretty much what you'd expect," Matthias replied. "Either she, or the leader King Bull Sparra, is going to kill me. Evidently she looks on anything that can't By as an enemy."The mother sparrow explained. "First, no can go back through loft door. King much angry, have many great slate pile on door. Stop intruders. Door not open again, me think.""What a pity we haven't got about thirty or forty extra-long ladders that we could tie together to reach the roof," muttered Constance."Good, good," chuckled the Abbot. "Now, I was going to ask Brother Alf or Edmund to go on a special errand, but they are no longer young mice and both look quite weary at this late hour. So, I thought 1 might ask my chief grayting-catcher to carry out this special task for me."

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Matthias went swiftly, still remembering to bob and weave as Basil had taught him. He made it with ease to the fence, glancing back to check on his companion.

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The sentry rats had become tired of chasing Basil. Wearily they made their way out of the woods and back to the common land. They sat on the grass behind a low hummock, taking a break together.them as he moved among the bodies that had fallen from the high branches: four rats, a ferret, and one weasel. Three of the rats and the ferret were dead. They lay where they had fallen, their limbs in grotesque positions. The survivors immediately pounced upon the bodies of their fallen comrades, plundering weapons and objects of clothing that they had coveted. Cheesethief stood riveted by the single eye.

There was immediate shouting and gruff oaths. Matthias knew the drill; it was surprising how the stone-holder could gain quiet among such a noisy, quarrelsome gathering. Matthias continued, "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, we at Redwall are under attack by Cluny and his horde. Evidently you have heard his name before. Well, I believe that I have the solution to Cluny. It is an ancient sword that once belonged to a great mouse named Martin the Warrior. To find the sword I must ask Captain Snow the whereabouts of Asmodeus."

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