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Cluny released the ferret and lay back with an agonized sigh. Now was the time to think and plan ahead. Next time would be different."Good, good, thank you, Hugo. Oh, we must thank Alf and young Matthias for mat magnificent fish. What fine anglers they are! There's enough to keep the entire Abbey going for a week! Excellent mice, well done."Constance began a steady chant: "Jump-two-three! Jumjv-two-three! Jump-two-three!""Oh get on with it, Hugo!"He dodged playfully out of reach. Cluny snarled and went after him. Basil ducked and weaved, drawing Cluny further out on to the common. All eyes were upon the two figures. This made it easier for Jess to change hiding places as she followed them.297

Matthias threw down his staff. He took a dipper of water from an oaken pail, drinking deeply, then splashing the remains over his aching head.A veritable avalanche of earth and rocks cascaded over the parapet. It smashed straight on to the main ladder. Rats screamed aloud and grasped at midair as they were swept from the ladder to the road below. The ladder fell sideways, cannoning into another one that had been set up beside it. As both ladders fell there were scenes of mass chaos. Badly wounded and shocked, the survivors on the roadway tried to crawl back to the safety of the ditch, only to be buried beneath rubble which thundered down on them. Many lay trappedThe long plank snaked out and upwards, coming to rest gently but firmly on the parapet edge. Scragg saluted Cluny. "Plank in position and ready, Chief."Cluny was standing transfixed."Y'know, it strikes me that it'd do the Father Abbot's heart good to see that tapestry back in its rightful place again."

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"This is more like it, ferret. Right, get the tunnel gangs! Gather your weasels, stoats and ferrets. Take them back along the ditch to the south-east corner of the Abbey wall. When it is dark I'll send you a signal, then you can start tunneling through the ditch wall, across the road and under the Abbey wall. Is that clear?""Phew!" she gasped. "What a wild bunch of savages those sparrows are! I thought they had me once or twice back there."

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Darkclaw and Fangburn scurried off to obey the command. Silently the others waited, their eyes glinting in evil anticipation.

"What a thoughtful little body you are. Miss Cornflower. I always say there's nothing like some good homemade vegetable soup to keep the life in my old spines. It's a fair night, but mark you, it gets a bit chill twixt dark and dawn, m'dear."

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Of course, it had to be!Speedily notching shafts to their strings, the archers angled their bows upwards.226

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Would Cluny recover from his injuries? Had his horde been so soundly defeated that they had learned their lesson? Or would they be back?

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Abbot Mortimer called order by ringing a small bell.279127

Jess Squirrel rappelled swiftly down to the road on a rope. Looping the rope's end around the old water-butt that had been the ferret's drum, she sprang inside, calling up to the parapet, "Haul away, Constance."

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