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coining through!"Cluny also made a wager with himself that the plans would be back, safely tucked under the pillow, by morning, and that Sela would have an accurate copy of them hidden away somewhere. Now he could catch a few hours' sleep.The rat was actually in midair when a huge blunt paw knocked him flat. He lay stunned with Constance standing over him.Little chance there was of anything democratic being allowed by Cluny the Scourge, who lay on the bed with his eye closed, ignoring the whispered bickering and backbiting around him. He would promote only when he was good and ready. Meanwhile, just let any of his horde dare try to press the issue!

Cluny's tail banged down on the rotting lectern, smashing it into several fragments.When he had finished writing, Cluny pushed the parchment under his pillow, taking care to leave just a small corner of it jutting out. His officers would be too slow and dull to notice it - a tiny scrap of parchment showing from beneath the pillow. Even if they should, they would attach no importance to it.Jess ducked a blow from Cluny's tail. "Not likely! If you stay, then so do I."114

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There was a rustle in the hay, a villainous head popped up.Cluny pointed across the meadow. "Regroup the army over there. Let them feed and rest. Send someone scouting for dock leaves to rub on those stings. I'm going into my tent to do some serious planning. We're not beaten yet, not by a long chalk. They can't produce a hornets' nest every day."Before either of the friends could decide what to do, a rat appeared on the scene. They remained motionless.

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Matthias judged by the sun that it was past mid-afternoon. He had made steady progress through the woods. Nothing untoward had occurred. He had stopped and had a light snack, gained his second wind and pressed forward, taking care not to create too much noise lest he disturb any predators. The young mouse had discovered a path of sorts, skirting the dense underbrush and avoiding patches of marshland. Always keeping the tree moss on his left, he continued eastwards.

"Going backwards?" echoed Cluny.

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"It's the tunnel. Chief. We'll have it ready by this afternoon!"And where was Cluny with the rest of his army?Matthias shook Warbeak's claw warmly. "Thank you, Queen Warbeak, my friend. Now we must go. A strategy can be worked out on the way to the Abbey. Let's hurry. There's no time to lose. It's do or die now!"Matthias blushed to his tail's end.Leaning back against the stained-glass windows they ate lunch. Warbeak gave a twittering laugh.

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Matthias swung the branch. It whooshed through the air, causing the rats to stop in their tracks. As he advanced on them flailing the branch, he shouted at the top of his voice, "Basil, Basil Stag Hare, where are you?"Brother Alf watched the little figure flip-flopping off. HeMethuselah laughed with delight. "You see! The Sparrow King owns a big sword!"

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