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333"Not much. Just remember what I've said, old chap. This Captain Snow is a night hunter, by the way. He probably sleeps in some old tree all day with one eye open. You mark my words, laddie, old Snow doesn't miss a thing. He knows all the creatures in his territory, where they live, what trails they use and so on. Ha, they don't call owls wise for nothing. Bit of a duffer all the same, letting a tree fell on him. KeepWith Ambrose Spike trailing in her wake, Constance crashed through the woods. So great was the badger's anger and grief that she was oblivious to any notion of stalking or tracking. She barged along straight through anything that stood in her way, the heavy striped face a mask of cold fury. The hedgehog stayed behind Constance. Those huge blunt paws were ready to tear some creature into doUrags. No power on earth would save the murderous fox if Constance caught him. But the badger's retribution was not to be."Whatta mouseworm want in court of King?" he snapped.The eyes seemed to expand and dilate until they filled the whole of Matthias's vision. They dominated him. He could not tear his gaze away. Asmodeus continued in a persuasive296The badger's brow creased. She shot a quizzical glance at die otter. "So you saw him too? I'm glad you did. I thought I was seeing double for a moment back there. How could Cluny be in two places at once? I'm sure I saw him standing in the meadow not ten minutes ago."

"Surrender, rat, I've got you," cried Mr. Fieldmouse as he grabbed hold of the thief. But, rummaging in his pouch to free the rope. Shadow's claw had closed on the handle of his dagger. He drew it out swiftly and drove it twice into the fieldmouse's unprotected body.A noise nearby caused them both to freeze momentarily. It sounded like some creature groaning. Instinctively Matthias and the squirrel ducked down among the ferns. Cautiously, they crept along in the direction of the sounds.Wary that there might be other rats about, Matthias climbed into the church through a broken stained-glass window. He dropped down into the lady chapel. The young mouse wrinkled his nose in disgust. The beautiful old church was rank with the heavy odor of rats. Furniture was overturned, statuary broken, walls stained; the pages of torn hymn books lay about everywhere.Constance attempted to reason with Sam. "Stay clear, little one. You'll only distract your mum. Look, she's doing splendidly! An old bunch of sparrows can't bother her. Stand back now; here come the bowmice!"

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The young mouse unpinned Basil's medal from his tunic.Thwack!

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Cluny lifted his visor to get a better view. It was too late to call out against what he saw happen next."That one will be this month, June! When is the full moon due in June, Constance?"

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"No, no, Brother Whatsyourname. You pass logs along like this. Look, you go and get a bite to eat. Come on, the rest of you beautiful dreamers! Stir your stumps or I'll have your whiskers for bootlaces."Cluny the Scourge!The old mouse did not hide his disappointment. "Humph! After all the help and assistance that I've given, countless hours of study and valuable time. Really!"52

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"So Redtooth went off to see what the noise was," Sela faltered. "We told him not to go, sir, but he insisted."

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7schemes: the sword, Martin's grave, defense of the Abbey, Cornflower. Finally, after much kicking and rumpling of sheets, sleep started to take over. He was somewhere in a long deserted room, not unlike Great Hall. A voice called to him, "Matthias."

Abbot Mortimer looked up at the sky.

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