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drummer-cum-soothsayer. The ferret watched Cluny intently. The Chief was going to speak. He banged the drum, calling the horde to silence. Cluny lifted the visor of his war helmet and stared out across the waiting horde.Silent Sam was re-enacting the entire episode in pantomime for the benefit of Tim and Tess and some other infant creatures. They were in tucks of laughter at his antics as Sam slapped at his fur and performed somersaults with a comical expression on his face."Who's doing all that scratching and scraping? Come out and show yourself if you are a friend. But if it's a rat out there, then you'd best start running, otherwise you'll have to deal with me, Matthias, a warrior of Red wall."Matthias could not help standing a bit taller."And are all the little roses as red as blood?" said the Abbot." Asmodeussssssssssssss!"93

insurance. If they should get into a tight corner, Ragear would serve as an expendable fool. That way Cluny could make good his own escape."Oh hellfire! That stupid lot with the battering ram have just marched straight into a tunnel! Killconey, tell those morons of yours not to tunnel into the parade ground. Just a minute, that weasel there, the one grinning all over his face like a drunken duck: lock him up without food or water for three days! That'll wipe the daft smile offhis face. Well, what a fine pair of commanders you two turned out to be. I can't turn my back a minute and you've got all hands behaving like mad frogs in a bucket."To the astonishment of the watching mice, the step slid smoothly outwards on the greased stone. It turned completely over to reveal a dark opening with a downward flight of stairs running off into the blackness below.

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The paw-sucking continued without comment.Methuselah breathed upon his glasses, polishing them on his fur. "Really, it's thanks to Sister Germaine for keeping such fastidious records, young mouse. Now, here's where you'll start."

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Cluny held on to branches for as long as he could. Soon he was out on the middle of the plank with nothing to steady him. Trying hard not to glance downwards at the dizzying drop, he inched his way "up the plank, towards the wall.

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Silent Sam remained as he was, like a well-trained pointer dog.

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