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The little squirrel shook his head. He pointed to the floor with his paw in a gesture that Matthias interpreted as "Stop here."The owl emerged grumpy and ruffled. Thoroughly humiliated, he called out to his former friend the cat, "It was all my fault. I apologize to you, Squire Julian."Matthias shook her paw with great ceremony. "Constance, wonderful badger, old friend. Don't worry about afternoon tea. You just sit yourself down right there, because I, personally, am going to bring you the largest, most delicious tea that has ever been served within the walls of this Abbey."Matthias was not sure whether Warbeak knew of his mission to bring back Martin's sword; certainly Dunwing did not. The young mouse had had a good look round most of the Court, but the sword was not to be seen. Matthias reasoned , that it must be in the one place he had not yet explored: the private chamber of the King. He thought long and hard about how he might obtain access to the royal apartment. He did not want to cause trouble for his friends, nor did he want tbem to suspect what he had come for. And supposing he did regain the sword, the next problem would be howMethuselah read it aloud:Shrews struck down the enemy guards as Sparra braves released the prisoners' bonds with short slashes of their sharp beaks. The freed defenders grabbed up anything that would serve as weapons. They hurled themselves upon the enemy, sparrows and shrews siding them against their larger adversaries. Rats, ferrets, weasels and stoats fought with the ferocity bom of desperation. Their very lives depended on the outcome.

Instinctively, the terrified fox looked wildly about for a place to hide. Running was out of the question in his present state of panic. It was as if some dark force had heard his silent plea. Not ten yards from where he stood was the ideal refuge, a hollow in the base of a dead oak. There was a space between two thick roots, partially covered by ferns. Chickenhound slung the sack down the hole and dived in after it.

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Exit Cluny.

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"Shut up and stop fighting, you hooligans, or you'll get to know nothing!" Matthias bellowed.

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me trying to cure him."From above, it resembled some fabulous dusky jewel, fallen between a green mantle of light silk and dark velvet. The first mice had built the Abbey of red sandstone quarried from pits many miles away in the north-east. The Abbey building was covered across its south face by that type of ivy known as Virginia creeper. The onset of autumn would turn the leaves into a cape of fiery hue, thus adding further glory to the name and legend of Redwall Abbey.

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