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"I will slay any invader that moves," Matthias shouted. "Cluny, this is between you and me. Your army will not interfere."Cluny spoke aloud to the picture of Martin, bound to his standard: "Ha, that fox should easily give those idiots of mine the slip. Then she can deliver my false plans to your Abbot. It's all going along quite smoothly. Bit of a blow for your side, eh, mouse?""We are mice of peace. Oh, I know that Martin was a warrior mouse, but those were wild .days when strength was needed. The strength of a champion such as Martin. He arrived here in the deep winter when the Founders were under attack from many foxes, vermin and a great wildcat. So fierce a fighter was Martin that he faced the enemy single-pawed, driving them mercilessly, far from Mossflower. During the rout Martin fought a great battle against overwhelming odds. He emerged victorious after slaying the wildcat with his ancient sword, which became famous throughout the land. But in the last bloody combat Martin was seriously wounded. He lay injured in the snow until the mice found him. They brought him back to the Abbey and cared for his hurts until he regained his strength.Without telling anyone of their intentions, the two expert campaigners slid out secretly by one of the small doors in the Abbey walls. Soon they were stealing through the green, noontide depths of Mossflower Wood."Matthias be sick in head?" she inquired.It was tike trying to catch smoke with their claws. Basil ran rings round them, keeping up a steady stream of insults and adding to the rats' bad temper. They shouted angrily:349

The Abbot, who was passing by, heard the noise. He shook his head at Ambrose Spike who was coming from the opposite direction.Basil Stag Hare tapped one of his huge feet gently on theOf course it was.The rat placed his foot on the weasel's throat and began pressing down. Scragg struggled feebly, fighting for breath, unable to stop his tormentor. Cheesethief took malicious pleasure in his revenge. Cruelly he leaned his full weight upon die weasel's rasping throat. "Hush now. Go to sleep, Scragg. Dream of the command you never had."was open.

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The ancient gatehouse-keeper shrugged his thin shoulders. "The sword must lie buried with Martin. You would have little use for the dusty bones of a bygone hero. A simple deduction, even for one as old as I am."Thwack!He struck against Cluny the Scourge and tyranny!

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Chins went up, heads tilted back, the crowd below followed the ascent of the plucky Jess Squirrel. By this time she seemed to the watchers to be rapidly diminishing in size as she forged upwards.

"What do you suppose your mum and Basil are up to, Sam?" asked the young fieldmouse, whose curiosity was aroused.

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294Matthias absently pushed his plate across to the hare. Basil needed no second bidding."Ton my word," he chuckled, "the way those blighters down there are carrying on with the jolly old ram, they won't need to tunnel in soon. Ill give it half a day at most, then well have rats piling in over the shoring, what!"I know exactly when, where, and how die hordes of Cluny will attack your Abbey. What price will you give me for this important information?"I don't like it," Jess remarked.

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Angrily Matthias slammed his dagger point deep into the edge of the rubble heap. "I told you it was a waste of time. Can't you stay awake for five minutes? Must you go to sleep on me?"But the voice persisted, boring into his mind. "Matthias, Matthias, I need you."Matthias, still with his paw outstretched, declared proudly, "This is Martin the Warrior. He founded our Order, and I'll tell you something else, rat. Martin was the bravest mouse mat ever lived. If he were here today he'd just take up his big sword and send you and all your bullies packing. Those of you he didn't chop up into crow meat."

My sword will wield for me.

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