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Thus did Mortimer, the Father Abbot of Redwall, die.Cluny waved his standard above the sun-flecked dust rising from the road. Gradually the horde ground to a halt.He allowed himself a peek at the future. One day this would be called Cluny's Castle. He liked the sound of that. Secure from attack, living off the fat of the land, in his mind's eye he saw it all: those mice and the woodland creatures enslaved, living just to serve him. He would hold sway as far as the eye could see; power; an end to his rovings; a dream come true; King Cluny!

"Mouseworm get more! More, you hear?" His eyes shone madly as the feathered hackles rose around his neck. "King not argue with crazy mouseworm. You get gone now, plenty quick or me killee. Go now. Majesty sleep."Matthias stood his ground bravely, not knowing what to expect. Bull Sparra stood up. He strutted about in front of Matthias, then around behind him. Matthias felt his belt gripped from behind by strong claws. The crazed King whispered close in his ear.Dunwing gave the lead a light pull. She gave Matthias a smile and a nod. He decided that he liked Warbeak's mother.Clinging to the vane with one paw, Matthias jumped up and down in a frenzy. He waved frantically, shouting at the top of his voice. "Jess! It's me, Matthias. Hurry. Oh please hurry!"Matthias winked at his companion. "Yes. At least I hope I have. There are three clues in the rhyme you see, the same as the steps. Look to the center, and the password is Redwall. Now, we must remember that Redwall has seven letters. If you look at these old-fashioned nails?

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Father Abbot struggled to his knees. "Please, I beg of you, do not fight on my account. They have the advantage. You'll only get hurt."

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Warbeak pointed to the King's chamber. "Dunwing get Bull Sparra wormfood ready. King have no wife to make221171"It's my home, Redwall," Matthias said in a hollow voice. "Cluny the Scourge is about to capture it!"

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"Sensible mouse," said Constance. "Is Ambrose Spike

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"We searched and searched, sir," Sela mumbled, "but all we could find was this big stretch of marshland and bog. ..."

The captains of Redwall looked to Constance for guidance. There was no question of overriding her commands. Of all die woodlanders she was the oldest and wisest creature within the walls. The badger was slow-thinking and deliberate, but straight as a die. Her knowledge was born of vast experience, (be natural cunning of a survivor.

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