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Swish! Crack! Cluny wielded his mighty tail as if it were a bullwhip. His victim screamed aloud with pain as the scourge lashed his thin bony back.Matthias seated himself to an early breakfast in Cavern Hole: nutbread, apples and a bowl of fresh goatsmilk. Cornflower, along with other woodland creatures granted sanctuary, was sleeping in makeshift quarters provided by the good mice of Redwall. Matthias felt that he had grown up overnight. Duty was a mantle that he had taken willingly upon his shoulders. If there were a threat to Redwall from outside it must be dealt with. The mice of Redwall were peaceful creatures, but that must not be taken as a sign of weakness. Stolidly he munched away as he confronted the problem."No, to stop us getting in," Cluny chuckled. "Get some soldiers and light a fire down in the ditch. Make it a proper blaze, good and hot."Cluny sprang to his feet trembling with rage.Darkclaw nodded obediently.

Ragear's voice trailed off. He fumbled with his whiskers, wilting beneath the basilisk stare of Shadow's dead black eyes. He shuddered and fell silent.The main danger to the attackers was Constance. As always, she slept out upon the grass in the Abbey grounds. More than two score of rodents carrying a strong rope net between them had stolen up on the sleeping badger. They threw the net over Constance, fixing it into the ground with long stakes and bludgeoning her senseless before she was properly awake. Cluny watched the proceedings with grim satisfaction. Redwall was his!Lunch that day was served out in the orchard. Matthias lined up with the other woodland creatures to collect his food: a bowl of fresh milk, a hunk of wheaten loaf and some goats-milk cheese. Cornflower was serving. She gave Matthias an extra large wedge of the cheese. He rolled up the sleeve of his habit and pulled out the corner of her scarf."Look, mouse!" he called. "See, I've got your little fat friend. Ha, I won't have to climb those stairs after all. Throw the sword down or I'll spike him like a lollipop."

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"Jess! Where is the sword?" he panted.Matthias's chair clattered on its side as he sprang forward, breaking free from the restraining paws of the Abbot.

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Cluny laughed mirthlessly. He squinted at Matthias and cracked his tail dramatically.Behind the Warlord's back the captains looked at each other in a puzzled fashion.

While Log-a-Log held the rock from closing, Matthias peered into the hole. It was a long dark tunnel sloping down the side of the quarrystone.

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He flicked swiftly through the dusty pages of the aged volume. "Let's see: 'Gardens,' 'Cloisters,' 'Belltowers' . . . ah, here it is, 'The Great Wall and its Gates'.""You lie, mouseworm. Not help Sparra! Mouse enemy," he shrieked. "King Bull Sparra say killee enemy, k-killeet!"Matthias felt his temper rising. He shouted angrily at the self-opinionated bird, "I don't care if he's got magic eyes, poison teeth, coils of steel, or whatever! I mean to have that sword! I'll steal it from the snake or fight him for it. If I have to I'll?Between Great Hall and Cavern Hole there were seven stone steps. The problem was, which one held the answer?"Your sparrows, eh? Savage little creatures. No discipline, of course. Darn good fighters, though. But tell me, what do jolly old sparrows know about Asmodeus?"

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The mice might have won a battle, but Cluny had not yet lost the war, by the claws of hellthunder!

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Cheesethief tried studying the maps. He could not make head or tail of them and soon grew restless."Who is that mouse?" he gasped.

"Over there, to the right of that aspen. Look, they're moving again."

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